Monday, February 11, 2013

Weirding Willows - Where Dwell Monsters part 1 and 2

 The Weirding Willows, by Dave Elliot.

In the spirit of the Wold Newton Family, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Fables we have this indy comic. Here is Elliot's description:

In the World of WEIRDING WILLOWS Frankenstein's Monster is called DÄMON. This is a name that he has given himself and is the German word for Demon. Damon sincerely believes he is evil and that his creation was of evil intent, even though he does not feel evil.

Yes, he acknowledges he has killed and he knows those volatile emotions are still raging within him, but he is trying to keep himself under control. Much of the source of his rage was from his feelings of being alone.

After the death of Doctor Frankenstein, Damon wandered off into the arctic wastes expecting his life to end. Instead he found a cave that led him down into what he believed was the center of the Earth. This "cave" was actually one of three areas on the Earth where the walls between the dimensions meet and you can cross between the worlds.

Damon crossed over, thinking he was in the center of our world. But it wasn't. It was somewhere else. A world known by other names such as Pellucidar or Hollow Earth. Here amongst the creatures and dinosaurs Damon found a new home and contentment.

Now he has realized there are others who are every bit as different as he is and, at least for now, he has some friends.

In this story we find ALICE in Hollow Earth looking for Damon. Damon splits his time between Hollow Earth and our world for he had made a bond with the creatures there. There are those there he deems friends and cares for very much.

But never in his 100 years in this world did Damon think there was someone else from our world living there as well...

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There is a hard cover book available for pre-order for Fall of 2013.

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