Saturday, March 16, 2013

Agharta: The Hollow Earth

 A PC video game that was set in the Hollow Earth from 2000.
Agharta is a bizarre action-adventure game packed with some unique and breathtaking graphics developed with some amazing 3D engine that simulates very real looking fogs, light effects and glows. The action sequences are very childish but strategic, which can be played easily. You play the role of a courageous pilot working in Tibet and whose services have been hired by a young woman to find his mysteriously disappeared father, who went on an expedition to North Pole. On your way, your plane gets stuck into a storm and crashes somewhere in North Pole. Thus begins your long action packed adventure along with you faithful pet dog as your sidekick to aid you in solving different puzzles and difficulties as and when required. The music and sound effects in Agharta are very atmospheric and add extra fun while you play.

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