Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buried People of Pellucidar

In the third book, Tanar of Pellucidar, there is an encounter with a curious being.

This species is described as the following [according to the ERB site]:
The Coripies, or “Buried People”, are perhaps the most gruesome race to have evolved within Pellucidar. They are an underground race native to the island of Amicop, apparently descended from surface dwellers. They are humanoid in form, but lack aby discernible facial features. They are totally blind, and skin covers their eyes, which roll grotesquely beneath the covering membrane. They have heavy fangs and webbed talons, with which they tear apart their prey. This usually consists of cave fish , toads and lizards, but they relish the flesh of other warm-bloods as a break from this.
This seems to be the only image of a Buried People. It appears to be a depiction of the one-on-one fight Tanar has with the first one we encounter, where Stellara assists (in spite of what the image would suggest).

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